Secure recycling for your business

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Race Recycling Is the largest dedicated non-paper secure destruction company in the UK.

We have contracts with many public and private sector organisations, including 32 UK Police Forces.

We offer our services to Fire Departments, Hospitals and Health Authorities - indeed, any business where uniforms are regularly worn and where old uniforms need to be discarded in a simple, effective and above all, environmentally-friendly way.

Our waste disposal solution is literally brought to your door and tailored to suit the way you do business.

Race Recycling specialises in recycling and disposing of non-paper waste of all types including:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Corporate Apparel
  • CD/DVD & Magnetic Media
  • Laptops, PDA & MFD
  • Computer hard drives, peripherals and memory sticks
  • Product destruction
  • Mobile telephones, digital & analogue radio and surveillance equipment
  • Contraband, faulty and counterfeit products
  • Section 5 offensive weapons and knives
  • Dry and wet cell batteries of all types

All our staff are vetted to UK Police Level 2 standard which includes criminal records, financial background and identity checks.

All the waste we receive is processed in a secure 'stand alone' environment.

Race Recycling specialises in non-paper shredding and we believe we are foremost in the UK in this area of waste management. Many of our competitors may offer non paper secure shredding as an addition to their main paper shred business, but only Race Recycling regard non paper safe shredding as the core activity in its business.

IT Data Destruction

For some businesses, it can be vitally important that old or unwanted data is disposed of securely.

Race recycling are specialists in ensuring CDs, DVDs, videotapes - even complete security camera systems are disposed of safely, securely and with confidence.

Office Clearances, Premises Stripping

It you are relocating your business, you'll need us!

Your old premises needs to be cleared completely, with all confidential records, remnants, broken furniture, filing cabinets etc. disposed of securely.

Premises clearance is a major part of what we do at Race Recycling. For a pre-agreed fee we will strip your old HQ completely!

Race Recycling - Specialising in Secure Shredding for Fire, Police and Health Services including uniforms and the non-paper safe destruction of a wide variety of sensitive and confidential material.