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Digital Data Destruction

Binary Digits

Trusted by over 30 police forces in the UK, Race Recycling is dedicated to ensuring that sensitive information held on computer hard drive, CD-ROM or DVD is destroyed securely and quickly.

AS a specialist non-paper destruction business, we fee we are best placed to ensure digital information is destroyed using best practice methods.

Race Reycling Ltd is the largest dedicated non paper secure destruction company in the UK.  We have contracts with some of the largest public and private sector organistaions in the UK including 32 UK Police Forces, unlike many of our competitors who offer non paper security shredding as an addition to their main paper shredding business Race Recycling specialises in non paper waste of all types including:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Corporate Apparel
  • CD/DVD & Magnetic Media
  • Laptops, PDA & MFD
  • Computer hard drives, peripherals and memory sticks
  • Product destruction
  • Mobile telephones, digital & analogue radio and surveillance equipment
  • Contraband, faulty and counterfeit products

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