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Uniform Shredding

Pocket Check
Pockets are checked to ensure no personal effects or items of value are shredded accidentally

If your staff wear uniforms, you'll need Race Recycling.

Logos Destroyed

We offer a cost-effective and simple solution to allow your staff to dispose of old or unwanted uniforms with the minimum of fuss.

Wool - packed up to go

We pick up your unwanted clothing and bring it to our base in Derbyshire where:

  • Pockets are checked for personal effects so any items which identify the clothing is removed
  • All logos are cut out and destroyed
  • Where material can be recycled (e.g. wool) it is extracted and despatched for re-use in wool clothing
  • Material which cannot be recycled is shredded into tiny shreds for landfill

Race Recycling is trusted by scores of police forces across the UK to securely dispose and recycle uniforms, helmets, handcuffs, body armour - indeed a whole range of accessories necessary for policing in the 21st Century.

If your business handles the disposal of medical or hospital clothing, food processing clothing, security uniforms or any kind of corporate clothing, we would be delighted to hear from you.